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La Caja de Música 樂盒子

Chang An West rd 138 lane 3 alley 18, Taipei, TW
Luis and Ramses ( both from Spain) founded this restaurant few years after they came to Taiwan more than 12 years ago, put all their passion on the food and the ambiance of this little restaurant hidden in a small alley.

La Caja de Musica literally means The Music Box, live music is an important part of our life.
During all of these years we host many music shows, specially we always have been a House for the Flamenco lovers in Taiwan, offering our stage for the amateur and professional Flamenco dancers and guitar players in Taiwan, most of them they start performing here.
If you are planning to go to Spain or already have been there, this is your place, you will remember your days in our dear country.
We love talk with costumers about their experience in Spain or help them and advice for a future trip!
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Monday 20 July
Tuesday 21 July
Wednesday 22 July
Thursday 23 July
Friday 24 July
Saturday 25 July
Sunday 26 July
Monday 27 July
Tuesday 28 July
Wednesday 29 July
Thursday 30 July
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Chang An West rd 138 lane 3 alley 18 Taipei
+886 920885996

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