How do I register my restaurant?

Let’s Lunch gives locally-owned restaurants all over the world a platform to market your business while encouraging people to reconnect with friends over a fixed-price lunch special. We’re a non-profit organisation, and the initiative is free to restaurants - no commissions charged.

It’s a simple idea. People invite a friend or colleague to be an Amigo del Día (friend of the day). They use our site to find a local restaurant offering a yummy lunch special, whether takeaway, delivery or dine in. People enjoy reconnecting with friends while helping local restaurants get back on their feet. Repeat 2 to 3 times per week.

Sounds great! How do I sign up?

Just follow these 3 easy steps

To register you do not need to include your exact menu offered, but simply what combinations it will include and approximate price.
1. Create your Lunch Special

Need help? Check out the Lunch Special tips further down the page. You can make your lunch menu digital, FREE thanks to Digital Menu

2. Register your restaurant

Why register? We’ll publish your location on the world map, driving traffic to your website & social media channels. It's free and easy to do!

3. Help spread the word

Follow us - @amigodeldia on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Reshare our social media with your followers too!

Creating a Lunch Special

Lunch Specials are a great way to engage with customers and keep menus competitive. They offer restaurants & chefs a way to get creative by developing sustainable and cost effective menus.

The key elements of a Lunch Special:

  • A fixed-price menu that gives great value to customers
  • The structure and price of the menu stays the same every day
  • The actual food served within that structure may vary over the campaign

How do I make my own Lunch Special?

Look at your current menu and think about what combinations you can offer. For example:

First Plate

  • Could be a first course, typically a salad, soup or vegetables - or -
  • A side dish, something that accompanies the main - or -
  • An appetiser made up of small portions of bite-sized foods

Main Plate

  • Could be something already served on your menu - or -
  • Something entirely new, off menu


  • Could be soda, bottled water, juice, iced tea, etc.
  • You can decide to include a glass of wine or beer, or charge extra


  • Could include a sweet option or not - your choice
  • You can decide to include coffee, or charge extra

We suggest you:

  • Assess your margins and use example combinations to determine the right fixed price.
  • Consider offering your Lunch Special for delivery and takeaway. Consider whether you might offer Lunch Special plates for office or event catering.
  • Consider offering gift certificates for your Lunch Special.
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Insider's advice: tips and tricks

  • Play with smaller portion sizes as needed to be able to offer a great combination at an affordable price while protecting your margins (e.g. 1⁄2 portion salads and desserts).
  • Use this as an inventory release valve: create daily specials based on what needs to sell.
  • A chalk board or digital menu allows for easy, frequent menu changes.
  • Feel free to use what description works for you to promote to your customers, i.e. Lunch Special, Menu Del Día, Daily Specials, Amigo Del Día Menu, etc


Create a digital version of your menu FREE

Thanks to our amigos at ‘Digital Menu’, you can make your Menu del Día digital.

Designed by professionals in the hospitality industry, you can modify your menu on a daily basis. Once the menu is published, you simply print the QR code which customers can then scan to see the menu on their smart phone. You can also promote the menu to your community on social media, WhatsApp etc using a unique URL.

The offer is available for restaurants participating in Amigo Del Dia from now until August 1st, 2020.



Frequently asked questions

As a restaurant, why should I participate?

By signing up, you will become searchable for customers who use our website to find local restaurants for lunch. You can also benefit from our marketing and promotion for the program at large, as well as from highlight stories we will be doing about specific restaurants on our social media channels.

The only "obligation" is to think through what Lunch Special you want to offer to excite customers and have them visit you. There's a ton of flexibility around what you can do.

Which restaurants qualify for the program? E.g. what if my business is a family business but under a franchise? Or what if I have two or more restaurants? Can I register?

The spirit of this movement is to help support small, locally-owned businesses, who typically are more cashflow constrained and have less marketing resources than large corporations.

As a customer, I want to participate in Amigo Del Día, but my favorite local restaurant isn't on your list. What can I do?

Absolutely go and support your favorite local restaurant in any way that you can! You can always bring an Amigo Del Día with you to any locally-run establishment, even if the establishment is not specifically participating. This is about bringing your money - and friends! - back into the community. While you are there, you can also invite any restaurant to participate by bringing them our easy registration guide.

Can I book lunch directly on the site?

For the moment, no. However, for each listing on our site, restaurants indicate how best to reserve a table, either online (with links) or by phone. It's easy.

Is Amigo del Dia available for any country?

Yes, this is an international movement. Once restaurants register to participate they will be connected and searchable on a Google Map.

Interested in helping us expand to your area? Please get in touch.

We think what you are doing is great. How can we help?

We'd love your help spreading the word to your families, friends and colleagues! Ask them to be your Amigo Del Día and see how many times a week you can schedule a lunch.

You can also visit your favorite local restaurants in person once they've reopened and help them to register. We've got some great guides here you can reference to help them get started.

We are also open to collaborations or partnerships: if you have ideas for us that you think will build on the Amigo Del Día concept and further help local communities rebuild, we'd love to hear it. You can get in touch

All of the restaurants near me are still closed, as my community is still under shutdown. How can Amigo Del Dia help us right now?

Right now, while under shutdown, our goal is to register as many restaurants as possible so that we can support them once they reopen. We also want to get customers excited to be back out in the world, supporting local business through Amigo Del Día once this crisis is over. Spreading the word would really help!

If you are looking for ways to spend money now, you can also check out whether local restaurants in your area are offering gift certificates for future meals. This is searchable for the restaurants listed on our site. Buy a meal for you and your friends now, or gift one to a healthcare worker in your life!

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