Reconnect with restaurants, Reconnect with friends - Let's Lunch!

Amigo del Dia (friend of the day) is a global, non-profit initiative to help support and rebuild local, independently-owned restaurants affected by the COVID-19 crisis. Amigo del Dia is brought to you by a collective of experienced digital marketers, who serve the hospitality industry. This is our way of giving back, at a time when it’s most needed.

The first event in our program is Let’s Lunch, a campaign to encourage people back into their neighbourhood restaurants for lunch - takeaway, delivery or eat in.

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As lockdown eases and restrictions lift let's get out and support local restaurants, reconnect with friends and let's lunch!

We have to support the restaurants that are reopening as it is crucial in the first three months otherwise they will close. The key during Amigo del Dia is to support local restaurants - buy your lunch from a restaurant and eat it in the park, or dine in - restaurants need your support right now more than ever.

Restaurants can sign up without cost, they just have to be open for lunch and the team at Amigo del Dia will help to push trade and customers to you.


A big part of our mission is to generate awareness and PR for local restaurants, helping them rebuild and reconnect with their communities and attract new customers. To do that we’re mobilising food bloggers, foodies and food/beverage professionals - our ambassadors - to help us enlist restaurants and get the word out locally; we’re signing up restaurants (no cost involved), and we’re inspiring food-loving customers to meet up and reconnect with friends over lunch.

And the timing couldn’t be more perfect. Let’s Lunch starts 20 July (Argentinian annual celebration ‘Dia del Amigo”, a commemoration of friendship) and goes ‘til 30 July (UN International Day of Friendship).

The idea for Amigo del Dia was conceived in the early stages of the lockdown by two Barcelona-based entrepreneurs: Spanish-Australian marketer Chelsea Anthon and American restaurant owner Erin Nixon. Working closely with the restaurant industry we saw the need for a socially-responsible, community-based response; we’ve since onboarded social media strategist Mila Nikolova and a local food tour guide Lior Shechori.

If you are an independent restaurant and would like to know more contact


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Register your restaurant for lunch
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Get involved as a collaborator

We’re investing our own time and resources to build the Amigo del Día movement. This is a passion project for us; we’re committed to making this meaningful and fun.

Do you have people in your network of creatives, fellow foodies, bloggers and food/wine professionals who can join us and become ambassadors? Our major need right now is help in recruiting restaurants and getting the word out. If you’re interested, please get in touch!

Also, if you’re working on a related initiative or have a platform that complements ours, we want to chat. This is a collaborative project and we’re open to ideas.

Thank you!

To all the people who've helped us get this movement up and running

Jennifer Sutcliffe CEO Jams PR, Marlene Mifsud CEO GasbagPR, Stefanie Roth CEO Stef Roth Communications, Ward Campbell, Michael Stratton, Maeve McGuinness,

Susan Burchill, Kenny Honores, Fiona Watson Flores, Shawn Hennessy, Owen Morgan, Maria Cajo, Maeve Cifuentes, Marta Bini,

Frequently asked questions

As a restaurant, why should I participate?

By signing up, you will become searchable for customers who use our website to find local restaurants for lunch. You can also benefit from our marketing and promotion for the program at large, as well as from highlight stories we will be doing about specific restaurants on our social media channels.

Which restaurants qualify for the program? E.g. what if my business is a family business but under a franchise? Or what if I have two or more restaurants? Can I register?

The spirit of this movement is to help support small, locally-owned businesses, who typically are more cashflow constrained and have less marketing resources than large corporations.

While at this time we do not have hard and fast rules regarding participation, we ask you to please respect our program's intent. Here are some guidelines: We suggest franchises do not participate, given your access to marketing funds from corporate. We suggest you only participate if you manage 5 or fewer locations. We suggest you not participate if you are backed by corporate investors such that cash flow during the recovery period is not a serious issue you face.

As a customer, I want to participate in Amigo Del Día, but my favorite local restaurant isn't on your list. What can I do?

Absolutely go and support your favorite local restaurant in an way that you can! You can always bring an Amigo Del Día with you to any locally-run establishment, even if the establishment is not specifically participating. This is about bringing your money - and friends! - back into the community. While you are there, you can also invite any restaurant to participate by bringing them our easy registration guide.

Can I book lunch directly on the site?

For the moment, no. However, for each listing on our site, restaurants indicate how best to reserve a table, either online (with links) or by phone. It's easy.

Is Amigo del Dia available for any country?

Yes, this is an international movement. Once restaurants register to participate they will be connected and searchable on a Google Map.

Interested in helping us expand to your area? Please get in touch.

We think what you are doing is really rad. How can we help?

We'd love your help spreading the word to your families, friends and colleagues! Ask them to be your Amigo Del Día and see how many times a week you can schedule a lunch.

You can also visit your favorite local restaurants in person once they've reopened and help them to register.We are also open to collaborations or partnerships: if you have ideas for us that you think will build on the Amigo Del Día concept and further help local communities rebuild, we'd love to hear it. You can get in touch here:

All of the restaurants near me are still closed, as my community is still under shutdown. How can Amigo Del Dia help us right now?

Right now, while under shutdown, our goal is to register as many restaurants as possible so that we can support them once they reopen. We also want to get customers excited to be back out in the world, supporting local business through Amigo Del Día once this crisis is over. Spreading the word would really help!

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